Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Green country side.

As expected we have had some taking days. But the green fields are beautiful even when it is overcast.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trinity College in Dublin

200,000 books, very old looking. 50 busts of famous educators and scientists.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Forgot to make sacrifices

My b-in-law has given frequent warnings that one must make a sacrifice to the magical unicorn pony travel God if one wants smooth travel. I won't forget to do that again. Cleveland to Philly was great. But in Philly we were in the plane on the runway - where we sat for three hours.  After that we were invited to go back into the terminal for snacks. Which by the way was closed for the night. All because the toilets were malfunctioning. I can see the wisdom of not flying for six hours with several hundred people and no restroom.

I arrived safely albeit tired. Picture is of a street scene in Dublin from a bus window in the rain. This post will be my test in posting from a phone.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

17 year cicada

They have arrived or I should say, they have always been here but have now emerged from the ground where they have been for the last 17 years.  One source said there could b 1.5 million per acre.  Our woods has its fair share.  One site said the sounds of all of them is akin to a chorus of chain saws.  

The nymph which comes out of the ground  and sheds its exoskeleton. You see they clinging to branches.

The adult gradually acquires this black shell with orange veins and red eyes.

I've added this picture with my fingers to show the size.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Iris Garden

The Iris is one of my favorite flowers. I have make an iris bed on the south side of my house. For the last couple of weeks there have been spectactular blooms. They are starting to fade, but it was a wonderful two weeks.

The last two days were spent with a young woman I hired to help with house and yard work.  We were able to do a lot of weeding and fertilizing of flowers so others should be showing up on the blog soon.  We have an Amish produce auction nearby which has a sale three days a week.  Tonight I bought six hanging pots and three flats.  So more color.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Decorating with what we have

My friend had a decorator come to her house to give her suggestions.  They stopped at our house for a couple hours.  One of the things we asked about was how to display some of Gerry's clock collection.  She laid them out on the floor and then Gerry transferred them to the wall.  He had to make a shelf for three, which he made out of steel and painted black so it would not be a focal point.

She also made the suggestion for the placement of the clock on the right.  She certainly had an eye for this type of thing.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Another week

I do need to post more often so my loyal readers know what us happening in the sticks.  First of all a bit of excitement when we returned to the Cleveland airport from visiting in California.  We had parked our car at a motel, that allows you to do so for $4.50 a day.  They have a shuttle to and from the airport.  When we returned I called for the shuttle, but no one answered.  Finally we took a taxi to the motel. We mentioned to the driver that we could not get hold of the shuttle.  He informed us that the police had shut down the motel because of drug trafficking and prostitution there.  It had happened a day after we left.  Needless to say, we were wondering where our car would be.  The parking lot had about a dozen cars in it, including ours and a police vehicle.  So it ended fine for us.

This week I saw the movie, "The Race" about Jessie Owens. Key issues were the rise of the Nazis in Germany and racism in the US.  Then I attended the script club by the Cleveland Playhouse where the topic of the play was the Child Protection system, and finally last night attended a program for Black History Month.  The speakers there were from the Cleveland YWCA.  They demonstrated a program they use to bring racial bias to one's consciousness.  This round able type discussion is offered to businesses and government departments including law enforcement.  So a week of heavy issues, but it was great in that it stretches my thinking.