Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter, but thinking of Spring

I will start with a picture I took through the screened window because it is cold and windy.  This is the view out my dining room window.  I just put up the bird feeder yesterday, but the birds have not found it yet.  I think I have all the garden put to bed.  The garlic is planted and has come up about two inches. It is now covered with straw.  The asparagus is cut and also covered.

When I was in the garden at the end of the growing season I came upon these seeds.  They are like gold to me.  I saved and dried three of these pods, which I will share with our local park district. They have a program to plant milkweed to give food for the Monarch butterflies.  They are having a difficult time surviving from lack of these plants.  (I will save a few seeds for myself to plant.)

Gerry just shook his head when he saw what I was doing and how excited I was about finding them. To him they are just another weed.  You can be sure that when we have some visiting Monarch butterflies next year I will point them out to him.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving week

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The leftovers are all eaten except for some cranberry relish. Renee Michelle and Ada (her dog) visited for a week.  We had the actual Thanksgiving dinner with friends. It was wonderful because all I had to prepare was a pecan pie, sweet potatoes and dinner rolls.

When Renee Michelle visits I walk Ada twice a day.  It is a wonderful way to get exercise.  The type of walk that makes Ada ecstatic is being off leach and running in our woods.  Apparently there are many wonderful smells that I miss as a human. Ada has made friends with the dog who lives next door so she runs over there.  However that dog has an invisible fence so cannot run into the woods and fields with Ada.

There was a request for bonfire which will probable be the last of the season.  Not the best picture but you get the idea.   The next fire will be in our wood stove in the basement.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Preparation to Vote tomorrow

G and are voting early tomorrow, instead of waiting until Nov 8. I printed out the ballet for our township and have spent a couple hours online researching candidates.  I am not talking about the positions of President or Ohio Senate or House.  I am looking at people who are running for the Justice of Supreme Court in Ohio, for State Board of Education or even County Coroner.  It was hard to find good information, but at least we are not just guessing.

On another topic, Fall has arrived and we are outside as weather permits to do the last minute jobs. Two days ago I talked G into using a borrowed backhoe to remove a small tree by my garden shed.  It just keep sending up suckers and looked a mess.  I feel like I have a clean slate to plant things now.  I think he doesn't mind helping with gardening if he can use a machine.  But heaven forbid doing it with a shovel by hand.  The only Fall planting I do is to plant garlic.  I am hoping I did not get them in too late.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thanks RM

My daughter introduced me to the "KonMari" method of simplifying and organizing.  My current category is picture frames, with or without pictures in them.  I do not have the courage to post a picture of the "before" picture.  And the "after" will take some time. A couple "before" pictures were taken so I may post them with I am finished.   I have moved every picture frame I have into a spare bedroom.  I stopped counting at 125.  I am beyond saying to myself, "What was I thinking". Obviously I wasn't.  I am trying to picture how my space will look after sorting and getting rid of many.

The title"Thanks RM" may sound like like sarcasm, but I actually appreciate it because it gives me a framework to use.

On another note, Gerry and I have joined a book discussion group.  Our current book is Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.   We heartily recommend it.  A good summary is here:   We attend twice a month.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gas please

We ran out of gas with the van. Coasted into the parking area of this abandoned gas station! Thank goodness for AAA.

Friday, September 23, 2016

A new way with tomatoes

My daughter has dried tomatoes for years in her gas oven where she has it at the lowest setting for many hours.  This was my first attempt. I have an electric oven with a convection setting.  This is what happened in five hours.

Yesterday I used a recipe from online where you put some olive oil on it.  That did not work, just would not get crisp.  The picture on top actually is what I have to do tomorrow or Sunday.  A friend has a basket of Italian tomatos that I will pick up tomorrow. Most of these will go to daughter because she had a dismal tomato crop this year.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Eighth Annual Pig Roast - Survived

This year one of our guests was an expert at shredding the cooked pork.  He brought along his own tools too.  

Thankfully we had a tent as it did rain some.  Was beastly hot too so the shade was appreciated.

As you can see in this picture, the wind had blown the top off the small tent we had before the event even started.

After the event was over the wind really picked up so G drove his tractor and trailer on the grass and tied the tent to it.  It is always helpful to have an engineer around.

There were about 85 guests here which meant lots of great food.  We roast the pork and everyone brings a dish to share.  We end up with lots of leftovers and a few serving bowls and utensiles too.
Today we put the roast to bed,which meant a trip to the waste management with all the garbage, a trip to the airport at 5:00 am to get my sister back to Minnesota.  

 Can't forget the tradition of the haircut!  

The whole event went very smoothly but I am breathing a bit easier now that it is over.