Saturday, May 19, 2018

Face to Face

No pictures with this post ( you will shortly understand why).

A few days ago I was walking in my woods, as I love to do.  It had recently rained so when I walked there was no sound of crunching leaves or twigs.  I noticed an adult raccoon, which also saw me and ran away.  I then saw a raccoon which appeared to be half grown.  When ever it would walk behind a tree, I would walk closer.  Soon I was quite close. When it came out from behind the tree, I stood as still as I could. It came closer and closer.  While doing so, it kept sniffing.  At times it would stand on its hind legs and look at me.  Only movement from me was blinking eyes.  We  were about 10 feet apart for several minutes before it ambled away.  Obviously if I had moved to get my camera it would have been gone.  I just have a great picture in my memory.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Keeping busy

Gerry and I have been working what feels like nonstop on getting his shop organized so he can work on the tractor that has been in pieces for several years. He was given many steel shelves which he felt would help to get things organized.  He brought them home in pieces so they had to be assembled.  That took a couple of days.

And May is the month for nonstop gardening or landscaping jobs.  I have decided to no longer have a vegetable garden. I found that having that and working on landscaping around the house was too much.  Both seemed to be full of weeks. 

I am excited about the possibilities for this space. Currently this is how it looks.   There is a lot of empty space to fill.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

25 of 365 Rain and more rain

Technically winter is over and it is spring.  Which brings a lot of rain to Ohio.  This is how our lawn area looked.  We don't have any fish in it yet.  In a day there was no longer streams of water. Fortunately our basement has remained dry.  Today we  had a snow shower which melted in an hour or two.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

24 of 365 Shall I call 911?

RM always says that when she goes up on a ladder she needs someone there to hold the latter or to call 911.  That was my responsibility in this case.  Fortunately all I had to do was to take pictures.

This man has a loft  where he keeps motorcycles. To get them up or down he puts a small lift on the big car lift and puts the bike on that to raise and lower it.  A video would have shown the procedure better than the pictures.

Friday, April 13, 2018

23 of 365 Does it give me joy?

I am sure I have posted in the past about editing my "stuff" using the KonKari method.  She suggests putting everything  you own of one type of item in a pile on the floor, or in this case on the table.  I decided to look at what I had in my liquor cabinet.  In my house it on the floor of a pantry.  With the KonMari method you are to pick up each item and ask if it brings you joy.  If yes, keep it.  If no, throw, sell or donate.  Well, I think you can see where this is going with the liquor.  I pick up a bottle of wine, vodka, etc. and ask if it gives me joy.   That is a stupid question if you ask me. I did empty a partial bottle of Marsala that had been open far too long. 

I do not drink a lot so it looks like I have pretty much a lifetime supply.  After inventorying each bottle I put them on a shelf in the basement. 

I know, this inventory is pitiable when one looks at the wine cellar of de-I. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

22 of 365 New Orleans

Our family spent a week together in New Orleans from March 31 to April 6. We rented an Air B & B
house.  It was close to the streetcar line so we were able to use it to get around.  There were many great restaurants within walking distance also.  This post will cover events on Sunday April 1.  K thought hard to come up with an April Fool Joke.  Finally she put tooth past on the kitchen drawers so we would get it on our hands when opening the door.

Walking down the streets, we noticed trees that had lots of beads hanging on them.  K and B started picking them.  They had help from their Dad who would hold them up to reach the higher branches.  K wore them around her neck most of the time. 

People on the street were dress in their finery for Easter.

It is the 300th birthday of New Orleans! 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

21 of 365 Beads

New Orleans and beads are synonymous.