Saturday, May 20, 2017

Camping recap and home projects

Since we returned home from the camping trip, I caught the cold Gerry had.  So it has been a slower week.  My diet seems to be entirely cough drops.  But both of us are on the mend.  I really don't want to complain, because it could be so much worse.

Gerry has this blessing or curse:  He loves the challenge of fixing things.  At our Monday night dinner a friend brought a Lincoln welder that was broken.  He said it would cost more to have it repaired than it was worth.  Gerry was the recipient.  He was thrilled because it uses 110 and he does not have one like that.  The other three he has are different.  You will have to ask him the details. Anyway, here is how he spent the next few days. My kitchen is a work shop too.

There was a small lake at the campground. This is the scenery as I walked there. Nothing spectacular but just peaceful feeling. 

G is always looking for ideas for "yard art" that we could have when we start camping.  He thought these were possibilities.  I think there may need to be some discussion on this yet. :)

The wheels on the bike on the bottom one turned in the wind.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First Voyage with camper

Last week we took the camper on its first trial run.  We went to Maumee Bay State Park about 100 miles from our house. It was not an ideal vacation, but we accomplished what we set out to do- test the camper.  First of all, G was suffering from a terrible cold.  But he insisted on going.  On the way we had a flat tire on the van.  No problem - put the spare on and take the tire in for repairs the next day.

We had put water in the tanks at home.  When we turned on the water pump, water sprayed from the back of the toilet.  Fortunately there were facilities right across the street from our site and we were able to carry in water for drinking and washing dishes. Once we returned home G took to apart and found the broken part.

I learned that I need to make a spreadsheet or put sticky notes on all the cupboard doors because I could not remember where I stored everything.

G was very pleased that the van could pull it well and the brakes worked well!

We are looking forward to many more adventures.  But our schedule is so filled that we may not use it until October.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Plow Days

Today we attended the Spring Plow Days of the Engine Club Gerry belongs to.  Usually they have plowing demonstrations by very large tractors, small old  tractors, garden tractors and even horses. Yesterday it rained a lot so they could not do any plowing today.  We were able to enjoy  a large pot luck lunch and tour the property where the event was held.

This is an example of the "yard art."  

The members of the club love to make unique vehicles.  Several children enjoyed this one.

The families who host the event collect old farm equipment.  It was like visiting a museum.  Our son was visiting from San Francisco and had brought a friend.  Gerry had a great time explaining what the various pieces of equipment were.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Update on test results, Spring work

In my last blog, I made reference to some testing that I was undergoing and tried to be funny about my comments when wakening.

I found it difficult to describe my symptoms to my doctor so it might not make sense here either.  For about six months I would occasionally  have this episode where I would be looking at normal things like the hall way in my house, my bed, or what ever.  It would look different, extremely clear and immediately I would feel very nauseous.  Never vomited. I would also feel fear for no reason. This would happen twice a day then not for three weeks.  I felt silly even going to my Nurse Practitioner about it.  After having my esophagus and stomach checked she referred me to a Neurologist, who ordered an MRI and EEG.  The MRI came back negative and the EEG showed what she described as sharp waves.  She said it probable is a mini seizure.  This can manifest  itself as a sharp smell, movement of your figures and many other things, like me seeing something extremely clear. Really weird, I know.

I have been prescribed a very low dosage of anti seizure medication.  So it is not anything serious, just annoying.  I am happy to have it checked out and know it is not serious, but should just be addressed because it could cause some problems after years if let alone.

Thank you to those who voiced concern.

My daughter and son gave me money for my Christmas gift to buy some trees.  The nursery sends them when it is time to plant them.  They arrived last week and we had a couple of days of snow after they arrived so I stored them in the wood room in the basement.  But the weather improved and hubby helped plant them.  Each is one branch with a stake to keep it upright.  They are flowering Bradford Pear (non edible) but are beautiful in three seasons.  


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Testing and food

Today was my day to get some testing done at Cleveland Clinic. At the end of the EEG I had fallen asleep.  When the woke me they asked questions to determine how oriented I was.  I was asked what day it was, the names of the Great Lakes, five states that start with M and who is the president of the United States.  I almost failed the test on the last one.  I said something like, "I know who it is but don't want to say his name."  but finally did.  I am sure the women giving the test were just shaking their heads.

In a week I will get the results and give a report. I don't think my problem is real serious, but may need addressing.  We will see.

On Sunday I am hosting my third dinner in a month.  I am taking notes of what I make as I want to have a couple good "go to" menus that I can use in the future. The first was Chicken Marsala with rice, roasted carrots and steamed green beans with nuts.  The second was also Chicken.  I made Chicken Cordon Bleu.  This has  rice pilaf,  vegetables and a lemon cheesecake for dessert.  Both are keepers. Both of course had a salad to start as well as dinner rolls.

This Sunday I will be making my first Prime Rib dinner.  We want to tell some friends thank you for things they have done.  I did warn them that I have never made Prime Rib before but they said they would be good sports.

As I have said many times, "It is great having guests for dinner.  I end up with a clean house and a great meal."  Usually we have leftovers too.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Treatment update.

On Wednesday Gerry had his out patient procedure where radioactive seeds were implanted into his prostate.   He had finished the five weeks of radiation treatments three weeks previously.

A friend has a  house five miles from University Hospital that is vacant.  We stayed overnight there, then got up at 5 a.m to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m.  By 3:30 p.m. we were on our way home. Everything went smoothly, although we were both beat by the end of the day.  Gerry is very confident with the doctor he has chosen.

The weather was extremely windy that day.  When we arrived home there was no electricity.  We drove 5 miles to a neighboring town were we had dinner.  Not knowing if the electricity problem was resolved, we spent a couple hours at the library.  All was well at 8:30 p.m. when we arrived home.

This is the before picture.  Sorry, Gerry I just had to include it because you are make such a fashion statement with the matching hat and gown.  In case you haven't guessed, Gerry's attitude has been very upbeat throughout all of this.  It has barely slowed him down.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Better the second time around!

What a great meal.  Salad, chicken Marsala, roasted carrots with thyme, green beans with roasted pecans, rice, dinner rolls, orange cake, and wine. 

The best part is no effort on my part except popping most of it in the microwave.  

These are the leftovers from a dinner for guests last night.