Monday, January 28, 2013


FFF stands for Fabulous Friday Feast.  This is a group of 8 (four couples) that I invited to get together once a month for a dinner.  We rotate between the four homes.  The host is responsible for the entire meal, as opposed to each family bringing something.  That way it is a real night of relaxing for the guests.  It has been going on for about a year now.  During that time one couple dropped out and another joined.  This last Friday, it was a Swedish dinner.  There was herring on crackers, two kinds of meatballs, a potato salad and an escalloped potato, followed by three types of desserts.

This is the host and hostess.  She had a Swedish hanging above the table.

The potato salad was served on red cabbage which was a pretty presentation.

After the meal we saw some pictures of their visit to Sweden a few years ago.

I meant to start documenting the dinners but in the past it would be over before I thought about it. So this is the first in pictures.  Hope to do better in the future.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Wow, that looks like a lot fun! How is Swedish potato salad different than American potato salad?

Gill - UK said...

Your hosts put a lot of effort into the evening and now they have three more Fabulous Friday Feasts to look forward to before they have to rise to the challenge again. The potato salad photo could take its place in a cookery book.

de-I said...

Mmmmm herring.

What was different about the two kinds of meatballs?

Bernice said...

She made one meatball with just beef (for the Jewish man who doesn't eat pork) and the other with beef and pork. The potato salad had carrots in it.

alexis said...

as someone who is always forgetting to take pictures, I commend you that it only took a year to document it!