Monday, January 27, 2014

Snowy days

As I see this house on my walk, I an curious about it's history.  Who lived there?  Why is it now abandoned? It has been like this for the six years we have lived out here.  The only living thing I have seen is a healthy looking white cat.  I am sure it belongs to a neighbor.  If only walls could talk. 

In the first picture snow was falling.  This is how our place looked as I approached it.  I love hazy pictures like this. Since Ada is no longer here, having moved back with RM in Maryland, I have vowed to continue walking each day.  It is a challenge I will admit.


Gill - UK said...

You'll have to start writing a novel about the abandoned house - or at least a short story.

de-I said...


alexis said...

wow, that picture of your house recalls romantic visions of the early homesteaders. Can't imagine how hard their lives must have been.