Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend post

It was a full weekend at our house.  On Friday, we hosted our FFF (Fabulous Friday Feast) which is a group of 4 couples who get together once a month for dinner.  We started with hors d'oeuvres of vegetables and dip, followed with a green salad, then lasagna and steamed asparagus with a citrus sauce.  Dessert is a Lava Cake with ice cream. Actually we had only five as three called off the day of due to illness.  It is a cool way to get to know these friends better.

On Saturday, G had breakfast with his usual with a group of biker friends.  The breakfast morphed into lunch at another location.  I don't know what time he actually came home as I had left for a photography class.  The class was on taking pictures at gatherings (reunions, or just groups) when you are asked just because you have your camera with you and they know you are into taking pictures.  It was a beginner course so I would not be considered a professional by any stretch of the imagination.  On Sunday the photo club met and there was an hour long tutorial on how to take Macro pictures.  For those of you not into photography, that is taking really close up pictures like of small flowers.  Since Spring wild flowers time is upon us it was perfect timing.

I was all fired up to get out in our woods, but alas, this morning when we woke up there is several inches of snow on the ground.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Bummer. Maybe you can get some pictures of flowers peeking out of the snow, as it melts?

alexis said...

lol - shame about the snow! but maybe you'll get some shots of little flowers pushing through the snow

Anonymous said...

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