Monday, April 8, 2013

A "me" day

Today I had three things scheduled:  exercise class, Book Club, and dinner with our Motorcycle group.  I have decided to skip all three.  Instead I am tilling and preparing flower beds and my garden.  That seems to be my first love.  I would post pictures, but so far it is just tilled dirt!!  I planted onions, peas, spinach, and lettuce.  They will all do fine if we don't get frost.  Actually saw a picture of spinach growing up through snow.  Don't know if they actually survive that or not.  But I will keep you posted.


Gill - UK said...

Well done with the gardening - I'm still looking out onto our garden and hoping that the weather will warm up soon. I bought seed potatoes and lily bulbs weeks ago and I'm keeping them cool in the garage - i hope they survive till I can plant them out.

alexis said...

if you have any tips for what could grow in a garden that gets very little sun and lots of rain, I should have a little bit of ground to plant at my new flat.

de-I said...

My goal is to achieve that type of time use management!