Monday, May 12, 2014

Party Weekend

On Friday, G and I were invited to a Great Gatsby Party. It was held at a Country Club, with a three piece jazz group providing the dinner and dance music.  G did not have a bow tie, so he googled how to make one and was able to make it from a regular tie he had.  This party was certainly a special gift from our friends.


On Saturday we attended an annual picnic hosted by a friend who goes by the name of BSA Bert because he has BSA motorcycles.   I will post pictures so you can see the contrast of the two parties. I would add that one of the couples who attended the first party came in a Jaguar, and you can see the mode of transportation for the attendees of the second.  


Gloria said...

Wow, love the pictures of you and Gerry in costume! You look great!

de-I said...

Your costumer was awesome!

alexis said...

omg, looking fab aunt B. Are those fishnets you are rocking??

Love the different circles you guys run in.