Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rain will not stop

We really would like to mow our lawn and maybe plant a few things in the garden or flower beds.  But the rain will not stop.  We are lucky to not get the 4 inches that a neighboring town did.  I did get the herb garden planted.  It seems to be thriving.  So G and I spent some time in the basement sorting and organizing. My next step is to get the items in boxes for the thrift store.

On Mother's Day G and I went on a motorcycle ride. We stopped to see the Yard Art that a friend has. They hauled this  bull from a neighboring state. Can't you just imagine driving down the freeway and seeing this in a trailer ahead of you.

G was gave me a gift of something I really wanted.   It is what I call "Black Gold".  It is well rotted horse manure and sawdust.  A friend loaded and delivered it.  He was stuck at his place and ours because it was so muddy.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I am so jealous. If you find, some night, that someone has snuck into your yard, filled their car with a load of your rotted manure, and left, you will know who to blame.

de-I said...

Some find value in the Bull and some find value in the BS.

alexis said...

lol, that is a very unique gift you got for mother's day!!