Monday, July 21, 2014

Always an engineer

The last week has been one of nonstop projects, especially for G.  The Camry needed new brakes.  It turned out to be a 2-3 day project, since some of the  parts were so difficult to get on.  Then, I noticed a water spot in the ceiling of the hallway -  right below the upstairs toilet. He took the leaking toilet out and has spent a couple days repairing the rotted floor before replacing it.  This is the second toilet that has sprung a leak since we moved here.  My guess is that it was not installed correctly.  Since he "over engineers" everything, I don't think it will need to be done again while we live here.

Speaking of "over engineering", that is what he was accused of when he built a ramp to load a tractor that he bought.  I must say it worked flawlessly.


de-I said...

I suspect the term "over engineered" comes through as totally unintelligible when he hears it.

alexis said...

wait, what is the new tractor for?