Sunday, July 13, 2014

Home again

We have been home almost a week now, having ridden 4,600 miles on the Goldwing.  We experienced rain, gusty winds and heat.  But the bike did not break down and neither did we.  Gerry is not the only one who can nap on the trailers.

We arrived home at 8 pm on Tuesday and promptly started up the lawn mowers.  I ended up mowing in the dark, using the tractor headlights. Now our property looks lived in again.  

We could tell we were near home when we came upon this.  If you look closely, there are an Amish couple sitting on top of the loose hay rack.

Gerry  promptly left again.  He is at the Mid Ohio Vintage Motorcycle event. He plans his life around that every year.  If he has any exciting pictures, I will post them when he returns.  


Gill - UK said...

I'm impressed that you cut the lawn as soon as you got home.
Did you spot the photographer in the Goldwing mirror?

alexis said...

I am deeply impressed by the napping skills!